I visit a number of pop ins every week during school time.  This is great for the children to play with and socialise with other people of their age, as well as get to meet different childminders.

We go on outings to the local parks, farm, etc as well as to indoor play centres and other places that your child will love and learn from.

Also at my setting I have many resources, just some of which I have pictured below.


I have 24 draws full of resources for different ages and abilities as well as some toy boxes.

I have a play kitchen as well as all of the equipment and toy food which goes with it.

I have dressing up clothes for all ages.

I have books in many different languages including English, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Croatian.

In my garden I have an 8-foot trampoline with a ladder and a safety net

I have swings for older children which have protective mats

As well as younger children

I have ride-on equipment including cars, tricycles, scooters and rocking horse. (many more than are pictured here)

I have a slide with protective mats

I also have a play house which children adore.

I have more equipment that this but I will leave that for when you come and see me.